Our Warriors

Our Warriors! (2019)

Who are we?

We are Team #6834, a robotics team made up of over 25 Watkins Memorial HS students with various backgrounds and diverse STEM skills. We are trying to raise money and find mentors in order to build a successful robot and compete in the 2020 FRC competition (FRC) through FIRST. FIRST is an international organization whose mission is "to inspire young people to be science and technology leaders, by engaging them in exciting mentor-based programs that build science, engineering, and technology skills, that inspire innovation, and that foster well-rounded life capabilities including self-confidence, communication, and leadership."

Maybe you are wondering what a robotics team does?

It includes an environment for a team of students to learn technical skills, build a robot to complete the objectives created by FIRST, and compete with other high school teams at a regional FRC competition. Teams along with coaches and mentors work during a six-week build season starting in January to solve the engineering design problem and build and program a game-playing robot that weighs up to 125 pounds. They work with other teams to form alliance to play the game at events where they are judged on design, innovation , culture-changing behavior, and performance. The program is a life-changing, career-molding experience and it's a lot of fun.
The Robotics team meets during the entire school year. Team members work collaboratively to gain hands-on technical skills such as engineering design (CAD); trade-specific skills in mechanical, electrical, gearing, manipulators, drive and pneumatics systems; and programming. Along the way, they gain experience in problem solving, critical thinking, leadership, and project/ business management skills. The culminating event is a regional FIRST Robotics Competition. The robot will have to complete tasks such as throwing balls into goals, flying discs into goals, place inner tubes onto racks, hanging on bars, and balancing robots on balance beams. The game for the competition, along with the required set of tasks, changes annually and is announced in January which begins the official build season.

What is our mission?

The goal of the Watkins Bionic Warriors is to bring more science and robotics into our community, and to introduce it to our students to show how it will impact and improve our community, creating high-quality work. To open the mind of adolescents and challenge them to their greatest potential.

What are the benefits?

In the end our team will have gained experience and skills in; leadership, coding, business, and construction of robotics.

We will teach our community and students more about the benefits and opportunities that come from these fields. Students find inspiration to pursue STEM careers.

How can I help?

Our monetary needs are extensive. Items in our annual budget include registration fee ($5,000), travel costs (hotel and bus), robot specialized parts and field construction items, publicity and sponsorship materials. Cash funding is needed as well as equipment such as a belt/disc sander, 6 inch vise, electronic components, wire in various gauges and colors, laptops, toolboxes, mill tooling, drill bits, aluminum extrusions, hardware, hardware storage bins, a 10’ enclosed trailer and portable pit equipment/pit carts for competition.
Beyond the costs and equipment listed above, the team is also in need of mentors that can help in the following areas:
Engineering Design - Work with the team to pick a strategy, design a robot, and manage robot creation, lead/advise on the design of a robot feature.
CAD - Work with students focusing on the use of CAD from idea capture through assembly integration.
Prototyping - Assist with the design of the robot and teach the students how to create a basic prototype.
Electrical - Work with students focusing on various aspects of electrical components from motor selection through wiring implementation and component placement.
Mechanical - Help students build a robot for the competition in February.
Programming - Work with students focusing on the target system using Java to support the testing and operation of robots and robot features.
Business & Finance - Help students with project management, manage team funds and assist with fundraising.
Social Media - Work with students to manage our social media and website.

If you know of anyone in your organization or other outside contacts that might be interested in helping, we would greatly appreciate any assistance.
As you can see, there are several ways for your organization to support our team: Become a mentor, sponsor us with a cash donation, donate equipment, as well as by making a contribution to our GoFundMe - WMHS Bionic Warriors 19-20 Robotics Team and/or through Kroger Community Rewards by connecting your Kroger Plus Card to our organization - Watkins Bionic Warriors - ND043.
Our team is affiliated with Watkins Memorial High School/Southwest Licking Local SD so all cash and property contributions are tax-deductible.
We have several programs for our fundraising efforts.

  1. Kroger Community Rewards

  2. GoFundMe

The Technical Department

The Technicians work with the internals, chassis, and all other parts of the robot. Technicians are responsible for training new members on how to operate robots.


Throughout August, all the way to the end of December and up to the start of kickoff, the technicians are responsible for training new members on how to operate the machinery, how to build a stable and efficient robot, and how to use the drivetrain in order to move the robot around the competition field.

January 4th-Febuary 27th

Once the season kickoff has been launched and we know the type of challenges that the robot will have to complete. The technicians then get to work on coming up with ideas that they can build to help the robot complete these obsticles. One year the robot may have to insert a ball into a rocket or it may need to attach an object somewhere else on the field. The technicians will be building, attaching, and possibly fixing any/all of these up until the team's competition date.

The Programming Department

The Programmers work with different types of code to help make the robot and controllers function properly. This allows for a wide array of challenging hurdles, facing many issues repetitively.


In the programming department from August all the way to the kickoff day they are teaching the new members that are interested in helping code the robot, how to code using Java. They also learn about different parts of the robot and how they should run so then they have a better understanding of what they are actually programming the robot for.

January 4th-Febuary 27th

Kickoff happens on January 4th and once the buidlers know what they'll be building and what their attachment is going to do they let the programmers know how they would like it to function. So then all of them get to work on programming all the different motors, attachments, wheels, and more. Up until close to the tournament these people will continue to test and make sure older code they may have created is still working and up to date.

The Business Department

The Business Department works with the media, finances, sponsorships, planning, advertising, and community impact.


In business from the start of the team all the way to kickoff these people are reaching out to different companies and asking them if they would like to sponsor us so then we can start getting funding to help pay for robot parts/equipment, tournament entrance fees, new computers for us to use to code, and more. They also design different event flyers like for the kickoff and parent meeting they'll design a flyer for the parents, flyers will go up around the school that tell students who we are, what we do and how they can join.

January 4th-Febuary 27th

Even after the kickoff to the season they are still writing grants and continue to make sure we have all the funding we need to be able to compete. They are also dealing with the public and getting our name and what we do out into our community so people know who we are and what we do.